The latest Honor Band 5 is a logical evolution of Band 4

  • May 31,2022
  • Melissa Young

On paper, it retains all the key features while improving battery life and adding more activity tracking.  Now you are ready to share your observations.


Like all cheap smart bands, you can get a small wearable with a rubber band and a unique charging adapter. Unlike Mi Smart Band 4, Honor Band 5 cannot be separated from the strap. When charging the HonorBand, it needs to be aligned accurately. Otherwise, the battery will not start charging.

At least the boxes are small and neat, with no extra space, no extra paper or room. Only reading material, actual band 5, and charging accessories. No more needed. The cable is from USB-A to micro USB, and no charging is required. If the cable in the box is too short, you can also use your own cable.


Honor introduced a color screen in Band 4, but Band 5 keeps it. It features a 0.95 inch AMOLED panel with 2.5D curved glass. It’s a touch screen, but you can also use the buttons below to move it to your watch face or turn it on. Raise to wake is also supported if you want to go that way.

At the bottom is a basic heart rate tracker that always works when you turn on the feature. Previous Honor Band iterations did not support constant heart rate tracking. This wearable doesn’t have a physical key, but it’s bulkier than a regular fitness tracker. However, it’s so light, 22.7 grams that you can barely feel it on your wrist, so you probably don’t care.

Features and ease of use

One of Honor’s goals is to be under the control of the parent company. The band is connected to your Huawei account via the Health app, giving you a clear visualization of all your tracked data, including heart rate, various exercises, and steps.

Band 5 comes with 10 activity tracking capabilities, intended for the average user who wants additional knowledge of their body and its performance. Don’t expect heavy non-stop tracking. There are more professional smartwatches on the market and they are quite expensive.

Apart from that, Band 5 works just like any other affordable smart band. Display notifications, set an alarm to sound the buzzer, and raise your wrist to see the time. The OLEDs are actually very bright and the motion detectors are working harder than they should be, so you often find that the screen is on in a dark room and your neighbors are blinded. ..

There is a brightness setting, but even the lowest levels are too bright, so if you just want to check the time and want to know if you can sleep for another 5 hours, be prepared for the occasional dazzling glow at midnight. Minutes.


Honor says Band 5 should last up to 14 days, but I couldn’t fully reproduce it. If you turn off notifications and allow your gadget to only display the time or measure your heart rate, it will take about 5 days.

All power must be turned off to reach bi-weekly charging. All monitors, all sensors, and all connections. All that remains is the gadget that needs to be manipulated to work. This is not the purpose of these trackers.

Huawei CRS-B19S Honor Band 5 smartwatch (global version)

This is the Huawei CRS-B19S Honor Band 5 Standard version, so it does not have NFC functionality. It has a new blood oxygen detection function that other products do not have. You need to download and use the Honor Sports app connection with your device. Due to differences in equipment environment, we cannot guarantee that blood oxygen concentration monitoring is 100% accurate.

 The home button control and belt clip design allow the band to be securely attached to your wrist. There are multiple watch faces. The remote control camera (only available on Huawei / Honor EMUI 8.1 and later devices) and its long standby time is about 14 days, saving time for frequent charging. This smartwatch has multiple sport modes. It supports outdoor and indoor running, walking, indoor and outdoor cycling, swimming in the pool, and training for different types of exercise. 

Swimming Posture Recognition: A 6-axis sensor recognizes the main stroke and records speed, distance, revs, calories, average SWOLF, and other data. You can track and monitor your daily activity and steps, calories burned, mileage, moderate to high-intensity activity and standing, goal setting, and achievement reminders. This smartwatch has smart assistants and notification reminders such as a stopwatch and timer. Find your mobile phone. Alarm reminders (including smart and event alarms); caller ID, SMS, email, weather forecasts, calendars, social apps. This smartwatch is equipped with a Scientific Sleep Monitoring system. Here, TruSleep uses RAM 384 KB | ROM 1 MB | PSRAM 8M | Flash 32 MB storage to enable recognition, collection, and analysis of sleep status. This smartwatch has smart music and volume control.

After all, Honor Band 5 has some important features that are worth noting when considering a purchase. Provides basic fitness tracking. Stylish and unobtrusive. Affordable. That’s all you need to know about devices that cost € 30 in the 22 markets available (6 in the Asia Pacific, 10 in Europe, 6 more in the Middle East and Africa).


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